There are usually many ways to solve a problem. But the solution can’t be worse than the problem.

Unfortunately, the security industry is littered with products that are just too hard to use or implement to deliver their intended benefits. This is particularly true in payment security. Why do we see so many successful attacks on POS systems where the initial attack vector is insecure remote access? Because administering a POS system is hard. And, most merchants don’t connect that activity with delivering product or serving customers. So we have a third-party do it for us, where incentives for high security run up against convenience, and the consequences of a security incident don’t affect the service provider nearly as much as the merchant.

So the first guiding principle for developing our solution was that it had to be dead simple to use. This is why we use mobile devices to drive the inspection. There have been more than 16 billion photos posted to Instagram. About 45 million are posted each day. With SpotSkim, inspecting your POS is no more difficult that posting a picture on Instragram.

Another way we drive simplicity is our delivery model. No new software to install. Nothing to patch. As long as you have a web browser and a mobile device, you’re set.

The last element of simplicity is pricing. One price per device. Easy to calculate, easy to plan for.

There are many other ways SpotSkim helps simplify the process of preventing skimming. If it’s not, we’re doing it wrong and want to know…