SpotSkim is priced as a monthly subscription, with tiered pricing levels based on the total number of assets (credit card devices) being inspected. There is no limit to users, locations, or number of inspections.

FREE 30 Day Trial

You automatically get 30 days to try out SpotSkim in your organization for free. No gimmicks, no restrictions. You get a 30 day unlimited trial of SpotSkim to see exactly how simple and efficient complying with the physical inspection requirements of the PCI DSS and Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) standards can be.

Pricing Levels

Number of Assets Cost per Asset
1 - 9 $2.89
10 - 99 $2.59
100 - 999 $2.39
1,000 - 9,999 $1.99
10,000 and over $1.69

Go Annual and Save

To save even more, you may choose an pre-paid longer term subscription for a number of assets. 

Length of Subscription Discount
12 months 10%
24 months 20%
36 months 30%

Adding Assets

We've priced SpotSkim so your subscription can grow with you. You can simply add assets within the system and you will automatically be billed for those additions on a monthly basis. 

Estimated Pricing

Using the calculator below, see what pricing would look like for your organization. 

Total Number of Point of
Interaction (POI) Devices

Estimated Pricing

per month

Time Saved Using SpotSkim

Utilizing SpotSkim to perform device inspections reduces the time required to perform this critical task, on average, by nine minutes per inspection. Select an inspection period (daily, weekly, or monthly) below to see how much time you would save by using SpotSkim.

Total Number of Point of
Interaction (POI) Devices:

Device Inspection Frequency:

Time Saved by Inspecting with SpotSkim



Each Month