Anything that takes time away from core business – making stuff, merchandising, selling, serving customers -- needs to be minimized. You’re not a security company, you’re a merchant. Automating some of this “non-core” but nevertheless essential activity is one way to minimize its impact.

An observation that we took away from speaking with larger merchants is that documenting compliance is often just as difficult as achieving or maintaining it. We know of several merchants who have full time staff who just support the audit process. So we wanted to make sure that SpotSkim didn’t make this problem worse. It’s why we built the documentation features that produce reports on-demand for anyone who asks on the complete history of terminal inspections.

Another process we automate is inspection. Like many activities that we should do more often but often don’t (many things that could be considered “preventative maintenance” come to mind) SpotSkim reminds you when terminals need to be inspected and when the results need to be reviewed. This is done on a schedule you choose.