Introducing Termtegrity

Hello! And welcome to the Termtegrity blog!

It seems appropriate for a first blog post to be an introduction. We’re very proud to be developing SpotSkim, the industry’s first visual point of sale monitoring solution. Skimming has been growing in popularity as a way for criminals to steal payment card information, and merchants need a solution that can help prevent this type of attack. You can learn more about the solution on our Product page.

This blog is going to reflect what we’re thinking and hearing. How we’re thinking about the product, our reactions to developments in the marketplace, what we’re hearing from customers and others in the industry. The nature of interactions between companies and their customers and partners is changing and we want this blog to be the frontline for how we communicate. It would be great for this to be a two-way dialog, but at a minimum, at least you’ll know what’s on our minds. So bookmark and stay tuned!