The Dark Knight Is Not Out There Fighting Skimmers


One of the biggest challenges we find when working with prospective users of our solution is getting them to actually commit to action to address their skimming risks.

They know skimming is a problem they face. It’s either happened to them or other companies in their industry. They read reports about it everyday

It’s not hard to stop the majority of the attacks out there. Simple visual inspection against a known good reference on a regular basis can detect almost every skimming attack we’ve seen. New solutions make it easy to do this as part of regular operations.

Criminals, on the other hand, are constantly acting. Skimming keeps happening because it’s effective. Whether it’s a petty criminal or organized gangs, they don’t waste their time on scams that don’t work. And they’re honing their craft. New skimming tactics are frequently documented by victims and law enforcement, and the equipment and techniques are getting more and more sophisticated over time.

The Dark Knight is not out there fighting skimmers. We’re not going to wake up at some point in the future to find that skimming attacks are no longer a risk, that all the criminals who have been perpetrating these attacks have been rounded up or had a change of heart and decided to make an honest living.

Simply, these attacks are not going to cease unless we act and commit to take some very simple steps to make them more difficult.