Coalfire Affirms SpotSkim

Coalfire Systems, Inc., a leading, independent cybersecurity and risk management firm, recently published a perspective white paper entitled "SpotSkim as a PCI DSS Requirement 9.9 Compliance Tool" which affirms SpotSkim as a solution that will help reduce effort and increase an organization's ability to fully comply with PCI DSS requirement 9.9.

In their evaluation, they found that "(m)aintaining security and compliance becomes simpler with the use of SpotSkim" and that "SpotSkim can alleviate a large portion of the burden of inspection" for organizations.

The full white paper can be downloaded here.

SpotSkim is the only automated point-of-sale device inspection tool available today. It allows anyone in your organization to inspect any device in a simple, effective, and consistent manner. Simultaneously, it allows a management of the process with greater certainty, clarity, and ease.

You can learn more about PCI DSS requirement 9.9 on our resources page.

If you're ready to see how SpotSkim could make compliance with the physical inspection requirements of the PCI DSS simple and cost-effective, contact us today!