Critical Start is a dedicated security company with the goal to cost effectively improve the security capabilities of our customers.  While focused on security services, we also resell a limited set of security products.

We tend to deeply engage with our clients and seek to understand their long term security strategy.  With an understanding of a client’s current security posture and long term strategy, we are in a great position to help them improve their security capability.  We take a framework approach to security called the Defendable Network that influences everything we do. While we do sell various 3rd party security products, we are NOT a vendor management company.

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First Data Corporation

POS Hardware Monitor

Included in the TransArmor Solution, Termtegrity's SpotSkim technology is providing merchants the benefits and protection of automated, visual POS device inspection as POS Hardware Monitor

HALOCK Security Labs

HALOCK is the only information security consulting advisory firm that combines the thought leadership and diagnostic capabilities of the premiere management consulting firms with deep technical expertise and a proven ability to transform the security posture of organizations through proactive security measures.

Since 1996, based in Schaumburg, IL., HALOCK has helped thousands of clients prioritize and optimize security investments by applying just the right amount of security to protect critical business assets and at the same time satisfy compliance requirements and corporate goals. They call this service philosophy "Purpose Driven Security®."


LiquidNexxus stands for adaptable network. Founded in 2009 LiquidNexxus set out to help organizations understand risk, improve operational efficiency, and conduct sound business operations through the implementation of effective management and controls. 

LiquidNexxus is about bringing people and stakeholders together in different industries to discuss issues and challenges in payment systems, governance, risk, compliance, security and best practices. LiquidNexxus delivers this through open, bespoke and tailored education delivered by highly experienced individuals.

Tolt Solutions

For over 41 years, retailers have depended upon Tolt Solutions for designing, integrating, implementing and maintaining their IT infrastructure. Tolt has over 1,000 seasoned experts across North America that function as an extension of our customers’ teams. While seamlessly integrating into retailers’ environments, Tolt can best provide for and anticipate evolving needs. Tolt partners with best-in-class to ensure our customers are able to leverage today’s leading technology. Anticipating consumer and industry trends, Tolt Solutions is able to deliver a single source store system and communication platform allowing our customers to focus on what is most important to them, their business.

Vectra Corportation

Vectra Corporation is one of Australia's largest and most respected information technology companies providing information security and network related solutions to private, public and government organisations in Australia, Southeast Asia and the Subcontinent.