SpotSkim Spring Release Updates Portal & Apps

This week brings the Spring Release of SpotSkim which updates both the web portal and mobile application. Many of the improvements for this release have been made in the back end, to increase system stability and ease of use on both platforms and app versions.

Web Portal
The web portal has been upgraded to version 2.6.20 (this can be found at the bottom of screen).

Features to note:

  • Organizational Dashboard - now when you log into the portal you are presented with a dashboard showning a snapshot of your entire organization
  • Resend User Invitations - you can now resend the invitation email to users that need it by:
    • Clicking to the "Users" menu
    • Clicking the "Inactive Users" tab
    • Clicking on the User you want to resend
    • Click to "Resend Invitation" button in the upper right

Mobile App
The mobile apps have been upgraded to the following versions:

  • iOS - 2.6.3, Build 2
  • Android - 2.6.4 (66)

Features to note:

  • Location Override - you may now choose to override the location you are placed in by your mobile device's GPS, instructions are below.

PLEASE NOTE: You should only perform a Location Override if the Location that your mobile device places you in is incorrect.

To perform a Location Override perform the following steps within the app:

  1. Pull down on the main screen with your finger to perform a refresh and confirm you ARE NOT physically in the Location the app thinks that you currently are in
  2. If the app is not placing you in the correct Location, tap the menu button in the upper left
  3. Tap "Locations"
  4. Choose the correct Location you are physically in from the list

This will override the app's GPS and allow you to perform inspections on the Assets in that Location.

If you inspect an Asset that was previously in a different Location, you will see a warning that the Asset will be moved into the Location you selected.

If you do move an Asset from one Location to another, you the "In Use Location" for that Asset will be cleared. You may add a new "In Use Location" during your inspection to set the Asset as "In Use" in the new Location.