SpotSkim Web Portal Updated to Version 2.6.8

We're pleased to announce a new release of the SpotSkim web portal, version 2.6.8, is now available.

Along with back-end infrastructure and code improvements, two major features were introduced in the portal:

  • Custom Fields
  • Location Details tab

Additional user interface updates were made as well.

Custom Fields
Custom Fields are open text fields that can be created for Asset and Location record types. These are key/value pairs that can be used to keep track of any information about the Asset or Location that is not recorded by default in the system.

Custom fields can be created in your Organizational Settings, under the Asset or Location tabs, respectively. More information on how to create Custom Fields can be found here.

Once created, you may edit the value of the Custom Field in the same manner as other editable fields within SpotSkim.

Any custom Asset fields you create will be shown on the Asset Details tab for an individual Asset's overview screen.

Any custom Location fields you create will be shown on the Location Details tab on a Location's overview screen.

Location Details Tab
A new tab has been added to a Location's overview screen called "Location Details" which houses an Custom Fields created for your locations.

It is also home to a feature which allows you to increase the accuracy of the geocodes for your Locations.

For any Locations (existing or new), you may use this map to:

  1. Confirm that it was geocoded correctly
  2. Adjust the coordinates if it did not

Click here to learn more about how to use the map to update a Location's coordinates.

User Interface Updates
User interface updates were made in the portal to:

  • Differentiate between buttons (clickable) and labels (informational)
  • Update the color of the "Not In Use" Asset Status label
  • Add filters to the Assets screen

Buttons vs. Labels
This update further differentiates buttons and labels to helps users quickly navigate the interface.

Buttons have filled backgrounds and respond when scrolled over.

While labels are outlined in color and have a transparent background. They do not respond when scrolled over.

Not In Use Color Change
Previously, any assets that were in the state "Not In Use" were yellow. This has been updated to grey, to better represent their state.

An additional set of filters has been added on the "Assets" screen to allow users to quickly filter through the entire inventory of assets to manage exceptions.