Termtegrity Releases Second Version of SpotSkim

Hoffman Estates, IL; January 22, 2015 – Termtegrity Inc. announces the release of the second version of SpotSkim, the payment industry’s only visual point-of-sale (POS) inspection and monitoring solution.

Credit card skimming is still a threat and is on the rise. Technologies like 3D printing and advanced logical security in POS terminals make attacking the physical device more attractive for criminals.

Built as a tool to combat skimming, tampering, and POS device substitution, SpotSkim gives merchants a platform for consistent, regular, and quick inspection of their payment devices. On July 1, 2015 all retailers who accept card-present transactions are expected to comply with the PCI DSS requirement 9.9, which deals with the physical security of payment devices.

“Merchants are being asked to create entirely new organizational behavior,” said company founder and CEO Vasu Nagendra, “They are expected to have training, policy, inspection procedures, and record keeping all in place and acted upon after June 30. For a large organization, this could be challenging.”

Utilizing the Software-as-a-Service model, SpotSkim consists of a web portal and a mobile application. Mobile Applications are available on both iOS and Android devices. Inspections are completed using the app, which provides guided device inspection, including terminal pictures and questions based on PCI best practices. Once completed, the inspection and all the data surrounding it is uploaded to the web portal with a single touch and is available for review and reporting.

SpotSkim 2.0 delivers a completely rebuilt portal and additional functionality in the app, such as customizable video inspection training and policy documentation to make monitoring and compliance even easier.

“A device inspection under ‘normal’ conditions could take up to around 10 minutes. Using SpotSkim, that can be cut down to just a minute” observed Jeff Schorr, Head of Marketing and Business Development for Termtegrity, “Whether you have ten POS devices or tens of thousands of devices, that is a huge time and labor cost savings.”

SpotSkim is available directly from Termtegrity or through their network of partners. More information can be obtained at www.termtegrity.com.

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