Termtegrity Partners with Tolt Solutions to Make Compliance with PCI DSS 9.9 Simple

Termtegrity has partnered with Tolt Solutions, an industry leading hardware, software, and managed services provider focused on merchant organizations.

Tolt takes a custom approach to solve retail problems and work closely with merchants to build out, deliver, and install complete solutions. This focus, combined with their extensive network of services professionals across the United States, make them a perfect partner for Termtegrity.

"Tolt has over four decades of experience working with merchants to improve their processes through technology," said Vasu Nagendra, Termtegrity founder and CEO, "This is exactly what we've done with SpotSkim. We're excited to be working with Tolt."

Tolt is also offering custom implementation services for SpotSkim that will allow customers to start using the solution faster and more effectively.

"Complying with the new DSS requirement 9.9 is a huge challenge for merchants," said Mike Senn, payments solution lead for Tolt, "SpotSkim is the industry leading solution that makes this easy and cost-effective for our customers."

Learn More
Merchants can learn more by inquiring here to start a 30 day free trial or to schedule a live demonstration in Tolt's booth at the NRF 2016 conference.

About Tolt Solutions
Tolt Solutions is a Greenville, South Carolina based company, operating extensively throughout North America, which provides hardware, software and managed services to leading retailers. For over 40 years, Tolt Solutions has consistently delivered custom solutions with over 1,000+ experts nationwide. For more information, please call 1.800.879.6737; visit http://www.toltsolutions.com, or e-mail marketing@toltsolutions.com.

About Termtegrity
Termtegrity, based in Chicago, provides innovative solutions to help merchants protect their businesses and their customers' information by ensuring the integrity of their point-of-sale environment through the SpotSkim solution. More information about Termtegrity can be obtained by calling 1.312.768.8376, visiting http://www.termtegrity.com, or emailing marketing@termtegrity.com.