Termtegrity Helps Merchants Spot and Stop Skimming Attacks

Sept. 25, 2013, 5:53 p.m.

LAS VEGAS, Sept. 25, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Termtegrity LLC today introduced SpotSkim, the payment industry's first visual point-of-sale monitoring solution. SpotSkim allows merchants to inventory, inspect, and document that their terminals and point-of-sale systems have not been modified or tampered with. SpotSkim simplifies and automates the inspection process with familiar, user-friendly smartphone technology. SpotSkim helps merchants comply with newly proposed Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard requirements to protect POS terminals and devices from tampering or substitution.

"Skimming at the Point of Sale is a growing problem that affects merchants of all sizes," said Nambratha Kongara, Termtegrity's Head of Operations, "and the latest version of the PCI DSS requires merchants to take proactive steps to inspect and monitor their POS to protect themselves against these attacks. SpotSkim makes it easy for merchants to quickly perform this essential security activity and get right back to work."

SpotSkim records a visual inventory of a merchant's POS equipment. Merchants store photographs of their devices, along with location and other identifying information. SpotSkim drives the POS examination process, prompting comparisons of devices to "known good" reference images to detect differences that may be potential indicators of compromise. Finally, SpotSkim allows merchants to instantly produce reports showing the status of each POS device along with its inspection history.

"Protecting customers' payment card information is essential to maintaining our trusted relationships," said Sameer Shaik, Owner/Operator of Country Inn and Suites in Fairborn, Ohio. "SpotSkim is a quick and easy way to give us peace of mind that our point of sale systems have not been targeted by criminals, without our staff having to be security experts."

SpotSkim is delivered in a software-as-a-service model. Users access the application through an attractive browser-based interface. SpotSkim leverages mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets to capture visual images of the POS. Images and data are stored securely on Termtegrity's servers.

SpotSkim is offered direct to merchants at www.termtegrity.com or through the company's network of resellers.

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