SpotSkim Spring Release Updates Portal & Apps

This week brings the Spring Release of SpotSkim which updates both the web portal and mobile application. Many of the improvements for this release have been made in the back end, to increase system stability and ease of use on both platforms and app versions.

Web Portal
The web portal has been upgraded to version 2.6.20 (this can be found at the bottom of screen).

Features to note:

  • Organizational Dashboard - now when you log into the portal you are presented with a dashboard showning a snapshot of your entire organization
  • Resend User Invitations - you can now resend the invitation email to users that need it by:
    • Clicking to the "Users" menu
    • Clicking the "Inactive Users" tab
    • Clicking on the User you want to resend
    • Click to "Resend Invitation" button in the upper right

Mobile App
The mobile apps have been upgraded to the following versions:

  • iOS - 2.6.3, Build 2
  • Android - 2.6.4 (66)

Features to note:

  • Location Override - you may now choose to override the location you are placed in by your mobile device's GPS, instructions are below.

PLEASE NOTE: You should only perform a Location Override if the Location that your mobile device places you in is incorrect.

To perform a Location Override perform the following steps within the app:

  1. Pull down on the main screen with your finger to perform a refresh and confirm you ARE NOT physically in the Location the app thinks that you currently are in
  2. If the app is not placing you in the correct Location, tap the menu button in the upper left
  3. Tap "Locations"
  4. Choose the correct Location you are physically in from the list

This will override the app's GPS and allow you to perform inspections on the Assets in that Location.

If you inspect an Asset that was previously in a different Location, you will see a warning that the Asset will be moved into the Location you selected.

If you do move an Asset from one Location to another, you the "In Use Location" for that Asset will be cleared. You may add a new "In Use Location" during your inspection to set the Asset as "In Use" in the new Location.

SpotSkim Web Portal Updated to Version 2.6.8

We're pleased to announce a new release of the SpotSkim web portal, version 2.6.8, is now available.

Along with back-end infrastructure and code improvements, two major features were introduced in the portal:

  • Custom Fields
  • Location Details tab

Additional user interface updates were made as well.

Custom Fields
Custom Fields are open text fields that can be created for Asset and Location record types. These are key/value pairs that can be used to keep track of any information about the Asset or Location that is not recorded by default in the system.

Custom fields can be created in your Organizational Settings, under the Asset or Location tabs, respectively. More information on how to create Custom Fields can be found here.

Once created, you may edit the value of the Custom Field in the same manner as other editable fields within SpotSkim.

Any custom Asset fields you create will be shown on the Asset Details tab for an individual Asset's overview screen.

Any custom Location fields you create will be shown on the Location Details tab on a Location's overview screen.

Location Details Tab
A new tab has been added to a Location's overview screen called "Location Details" which houses an Custom Fields created for your locations.

It is also home to a feature which allows you to increase the accuracy of the geocodes for your Locations.

For any Locations (existing or new), you may use this map to:

  1. Confirm that it was geocoded correctly
  2. Adjust the coordinates if it did not

Click here to learn more about how to use the map to update a Location's coordinates.

User Interface Updates
User interface updates were made in the portal to:

  • Differentiate between buttons (clickable) and labels (informational)
  • Update the color of the "Not In Use" Asset Status label
  • Add filters to the Assets screen

Buttons vs. Labels
This update further differentiates buttons and labels to helps users quickly navigate the interface.

Buttons have filled backgrounds and respond when scrolled over.

While labels are outlined in color and have a transparent background. They do not respond when scrolled over.

Not In Use Color Change
Previously, any assets that were in the state "Not In Use" were yellow. This has been updated to grey, to better represent their state.

An additional set of filters has been added on the "Assets" screen to allow users to quickly filter through the entire inventory of assets to manage exceptions.

Termtegrity Partners with Tolt Solutions to Make Compliance with PCI DSS 9.9 Simple

Termtegrity has partnered with Tolt Solutions, an industry leading hardware, software, and managed services provider focused on merchant organizations.

Tolt takes a custom approach to solve retail problems and work closely with merchants to build out, deliver, and install complete solutions. This focus, combined with their extensive network of services professionals across the United States, make them a perfect partner for Termtegrity.

"Tolt has over four decades of experience working with merchants to improve their processes through technology," said Vasu Nagendra, Termtegrity founder and CEO, "This is exactly what we've done with SpotSkim. We're excited to be working with Tolt."

Tolt is also offering custom implementation services for SpotSkim that will allow customers to start using the solution faster and more effectively.

"Complying with the new DSS requirement 9.9 is a huge challenge for merchants," said Mike Senn, payments solution lead for Tolt, "SpotSkim is the industry leading solution that makes this easy and cost-effective for our customers."

Learn More
Merchants can learn more by inquiring here to start a 30 day free trial or to schedule a live demonstration in Tolt's booth at the NRF 2016 conference.

About Tolt Solutions
Tolt Solutions is a Greenville, South Carolina based company, operating extensively throughout North America, which provides hardware, software and managed services to leading retailers. For over 40 years, Tolt Solutions has consistently delivered custom solutions with over 1,000+ experts nationwide. For more information, please call 1.800.879.6737; visit, or e-mail

About Termtegrity
Termtegrity, based in Chicago, provides innovative solutions to help merchants protect their businesses and their customers' information by ensuring the integrity of their point-of-sale environment through the SpotSkim solution. More information about Termtegrity can be obtained by calling 1.312.768.8376, visiting, or emailing

Compliance with Physical Device Inspection Requirements Even Easier with New Version of SpotSkim

HOFFMAN ESTATES, IL; September 24, 2015 - Termtegrity Inc. is announcing the newest release of SpotSkim, the world's leading physical credit card device inspection solution, at this year's PCI North America Community Meeting in Vancouver.

SpotSkim simplifies merchant compliance and management of the physical device inspection demands laid out in the Data Security Standard (DSS) requirement 9.9 and Point-to-Point Encryption. Termtegrity will be holding live demonstrations of the solution in their booth (# 33) in the vendor showcase.

SpotSkim is the most efficient and effective way for organizations to physically inspect, inventory, and document their credit card device environment to protect from skimming, tampering, and device substitution.

Coalfire recently released a perspective white paper which affirmed SpotSkim as a compliance tool, stating "maintaining security and compliance becomes simpler with the use of SpotSkim" and "using a solution such as SpotSkim, configured as recommended by the vendor, will ensure compliance for PCI DSS requirement 9.9."

Delivered in a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, the version 2.6 update focuses on streamlining the inspection process through an overhaul of the user interface on both the iOS and Android mobile applications as well as the web portal.

The addition of adding custom devices (asset types) enables SpotSkim to be used to inspect any device on the market. Other back-end improvements, such as geocoding accuracy and a restructured notification system, continue to make the management and administration of physical inspections even easier.

"We're excited for this release," said Termtegrity founder and CEO, Vasu Nagendra. "We've taken feedback from our customers and implemented functionality that makes SpotSkim 2.6 the best solution for any merchant."

More information about SpotSkim can be found on the company's website at or by visiting booth # 33 during the PCI Community meeting.

About Termtegrity
Termtegrity provides innovative solutions to help merchants protect their businesses and their customers' information by ensuring the integrity of their point-of-sale environment and is headquartered near Chicago, IL.

Media Contact:
Jeff Schorr
Head of Marketing and Business Development

Termtegrity's SpotSkim 2.5 Released Today, Major UI and Feature Updates

Hoffman Estates, IL; May 22, 2015 - Termtegrity Inc. has announced a major update to their SpotSkim solution with their most current release. SpotSkim 2.5 includes significant user interface and technical improvements in both the web portal and mobile application.

SpotSkim is a solution for merchants who accept card present transactions to comply with the new Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS) requirement 9.9, which covers the physical security of credit card Point-of-Interaction (POI) devices.

"Recent attacks like the €3.2 million 'ghost terminal' scheme in France and Florida's Department of Agriculture finding 81 skimmers on gas pumps throughout the state certainly highlight why this requirement was added to the DSS," stated Vasu Nagendra, CEO and founder of the company.

SpotSkim allows merchants to inspect, inventory, and document their entire environment of POI devices in a consistent, efficient, and simple manner.

The web portal's user interface was completely redesigned to give administrators more information, control, and insights into their POI environment. New role based access allows for multiple levels of access to features, as well as improved reporting to make assessments easier.

Both the iOS and Android versions of the mobile application have been overhauled as well, with many aesthetic improvements and technical modifications to improve performance.

SpotSkim is available directly from Termtegrity or through their network of partners. More information can be obtained at

About Termtegrity
Termtegrity Inc. provides innovative solutions to help merchants protect their business and their customers' information by ensuring the integrity of their point-of-sale environment.

Media Contact
Jeff Schorr
Head of Marketing and Business Development

Termtegrity Releases Second Version of SpotSkim

Hoffman Estates, IL; January 22, 2015 – Termtegrity Inc. announces the release of the second version of SpotSkim, the payment industry’s only visual point-of-sale (POS) inspection and monitoring solution.

Credit card skimming is still a threat and is on the rise. Technologies like 3D printing and advanced logical security in POS terminals make attacking the physical device more attractive for criminals.

Built as a tool to combat skimming, tampering, and POS device substitution, SpotSkim gives merchants a platform for consistent, regular, and quick inspection of their payment devices. On July 1, 2015 all retailers who accept card-present transactions are expected to comply with the PCI DSS requirement 9.9, which deals with the physical security of payment devices.

“Merchants are being asked to create entirely new organizational behavior,” said company founder and CEO Vasu Nagendra, “They are expected to have training, policy, inspection procedures, and record keeping all in place and acted upon after June 30. For a large organization, this could be challenging.”

Utilizing the Software-as-a-Service model, SpotSkim consists of a web portal and a mobile application. Mobile Applications are available on both iOS and Android devices. Inspections are completed using the app, which provides guided device inspection, including terminal pictures and questions based on PCI best practices. Once completed, the inspection and all the data surrounding it is uploaded to the web portal with a single touch and is available for review and reporting.

SpotSkim 2.0 delivers a completely rebuilt portal and additional functionality in the app, such as customizable video inspection training and policy documentation to make monitoring and compliance even easier.

“A device inspection under ‘normal’ conditions could take up to around 10 minutes. Using SpotSkim, that can be cut down to just a minute” observed Jeff Schorr, Head of Marketing and Business Development for Termtegrity, “Whether you have ten POS devices or tens of thousands of devices, that is a huge time and labor cost savings.”

SpotSkim is available directly from Termtegrity or through their network of partners. More information can be obtained at

About Termtegrity
Termtegrity provides innovative solutions to help merchants protect their business and their customers' information by ensuring the integrity of their point-of-sale environment.

Media Contact
Jeff Schorr
Head of Marketing and Business Development

Termtegrity Partners with Sysnet Global Solutions to Help Organizations Address Risk of Skimming Attacks

LAS VEGAS, April 8, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- TRANSACT14 – Termtegrity, Inc. today announced a partnership with Sysnet Global Solutions to offer Termtegrity's SpotSkim™ visual point-of-sale monitoring solution to Sysnet customers worldwide. SpotSkim will add essential new anti-skimming capabilities to Sysnet's range of PCI DSS compliance validation and merchant intelligence solutions.  The announcement was made at TransactSM 14, which takes place April 8th - 10th at Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas.

Termtegrity SpotSkim helps organizations who accept payment cards detect and defend against skimming and other physical attacks...

Termtegrity Helps Merchants Spot and Stop Skimming Attacks

LAS VEGAS, Sept. 25, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Termtegrity LLC today introduced SpotSkim, the payment industry's first visual point-of-sale monitoring solution. SpotSkim allows merchants to inventory, inspect, and document that their terminals and point-of-sale systems have not been modified or tampered with. SpotSkim simplifies and automates the inspection process with familiar, user-friendly smartphone technology. SpotSkim helps merchants comply with newly proposed Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard requirements to protect POS terminals and devices from tampering or substitution.

"Skimming at the Point of Sale is a growing problem that affects merchants of all sizes," said Nambratha Kongara...