Product:    SpotSkim

Termtegrity SpotSkim is the industry's only visual point-of-sale monitoring solution. It allows merchants to Inventory, Inspect, and Document that their point-of-sale systems have not been modified or tampered with. SpotSkim simplifies and automates the inspection process with familiar, user-friendly smartphone technology, making it easy for merchants to quickly perform this essential security activity and get right back to work.


SpotSkim maintains a visual record of an organization’s assets. Using the SpotSkim mobile application, assets are identified by scanning a serial number, asset tag or other unique identifier. For each new asset in inventory, users identify the type of device it is (terminal, integrated PC POS, kiosk, keyboard reader, ATM, fuel dispenser, etc.) and are prompted to take specific pictures of the device that capture multiple angles and parts of the device in its deployed, un-modified, un-tampered state. The initial inventory captures the “known good state” and serves as the basis for examination of the assets from which anomalies that may indicate skimming attacks can be detected.


Inspectors use the SpotSkim mobile application to get a full visual record of the assets current state. Current state photos are automatically uploaded to the SpotSkim web application and associated with the existing asset record. Review is performed using the SpotSkim web application. SpotSkim provides a unique, proprietary mechanism to help users prioritize which assets to examine first. Reviewers are shown the asset’s inventory detail, the name of the Inspector who captured the current state data, and the pictures that were taken by the Inspector showing the current state of the asset. Each current state picture appear directly next to the original “known good” state image that was taken for inventory. By comparing the “known good” image to the current image, the Reviewer can quickly and easily make a visual determination if the device appears to have been modified or tampered with. Based on this judgment, the Reviewer can mark the device “compromised”, “good”, or request a re-inspection if the image is suspect or unclear. Using the applications to guide the process makes it quick and easy for Inspectors and Reviewers; it takes them no more than a minute per asset to perform this activity.


SpotSkim allows users to view the inspection history for any device, including date of review, pictures, status changes, Inspectors and Reviewers, and time between inspections. The application produces reports showing the status of each device in inventory along with its inspection history. Users can generate inspection reports for a device, location, or combination of parameters. Reports provide proof for internal or external auditors that inspection is occurring according to policy and the anti-skimming process is being carried out to protect the business.